(foreign film for the foreign film-challenged)

I was really pleased with And Now, Ladies & Gentlemen, a little, crafty international effort. It couldn’t be better for the foreign film-challenged because the whole thing features Jeremy Irons talking in French! You can practice right along with him!

I loved this interesting story, great filming, intriguing plot development and really nice acting. Jeremy Irons is intriguing as usual and the french chanteuse, Patricia Kaas, taking on her largest film acting role yet, is absolutely stunning. A very good singer, an even better actress and a mesmerizing presence, I fell in love this woman and can’t wait to see her acting career develop, if it does.

And Now, Ladies and Gentlemen also points out how a context can be developed with great imagination. If I told you that I had a film to show you about two people with a similar form of brain damage, you’d yawn and say next. But if you make them Jeremy Irons and a gorgeous actress and singer and you add an interesting script and you make him a thief and you set the whole thing in Morocco, you might be a little more interested! And you should be. It’s a winner. I liked the intrigue, the acting, the concept and the visual enfoldment. And Now is a refreshing and intriguing effort.

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