Do you remember the good old days, when movie nuts like us in every city used to sleepily acknowledge each other at every matinee? We thought nothing of seeing every movie we were even vaguely intrigued by? And we almost always saw them in the first week?

Fade out. Fade in. It is now years later and going to the movies these days usually requires taking out a second mortgage out on your house. And if you have kids... and baby sitters... well, social services usually ends up getting involved.

So you brave the elements and charge forth into the theatre, only to be sandwiched in front of a row of teenage girls who kick your seat and giggle and whisper incessantly; the guy next to you can’t resist leaving his cell phone on to take urgent calls from his bro; the couple on your other side brought their infant with them to witness a filmic bloodbath for some quality family time...

Most of us with a keen grasp of the obvious have eventually opted for a higher quality of life quotient, moved to the literal and cosmic suburbs and gone (almost) completely to VIDEOS!

That’s right. Videoland for us tired suburbanites. That brings with it a whole different set of problems. The 8,000 reviews that came out when a film was newly-released are long gone. Now we arrive at the video store, looking at a million titles and having just the vaguest recollection of any of them!

Your selection process goes something like this. Hm... seems like that guy who sits across from me at work liked that one, but then again, why am I listening to him? What kind of taste can he have, with his polyester suits and insect screen savers?

You’ve been in agony over this problem. Don’t try to deny it. Pure agony. Okay. Maybe it’s more like the tiniest bit irksome, but we’re here on the home page, so play along with the home game, will you?

The exciting point here is - your solution has entered the building!

The Film Goddess is here!!

She is here to gently lead you to the movie experiences of your dreams, to give you what you need to either race up and happily
grab a video or to keep a stiff upper lip and learn to just say no.

When you become a member, you will get six new video reviews every two weeks. Along with those six, you’ll get inventive categories ranging from liquid sex films to foreign films for the foreign film-challenged and you will begin to feel completely at one with your video store (although it might be a mistake to automatically assume that your video store checker has feelings of intimacy commensurate with yours).

You will begin to swing your head back at urbane parties, smiling knowingly as someone brings up an amazing yet small independent film. Perhaps you will even find a way to quietly correct and one-up the snobbiest filmgoer in your office (advice on this: the longer you can wait to shoot him down, the deeper you can really bury him. a gift to the power hungry among you!).

If you love movies and great visual stories, the Goddess can help you feel more confident as you stack up your reactions with hers and learn more about great film making. Watch a bunch of films - they will give as good as they get, more often than not. And the “not” will get handled for you by sly warnings from the goddess!

So come back and visit us here for a new free review every week. And for ten times the fun, become a member. It’s all here for you. We’re glad you made it!

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