You know those kinds of comedies that you watch thinking they are just going to be silly and then they end up revealing subtle, more profound truths?

Well, Anchorman isn’t one of those films.

Anchorman is just flat out silly. Silly all the way through. I had a lot of fun with it. In fact, as I write this several hours later, I can just close my eyes and see the huge face of Mr. Silly himself, Will Farrell. How wonderful that he exists, a deeply silly and funny man. The cameos were big fun; the plot, shockingly enough, held together throughout and the whole thing went by in five minutes, or so it seemed.

You want layers? Buy a cake. There isn’t even a second one here. But it’s lots of fun.

Author’s Prejudice: I suppose that humans under 30 could like this film and find it funny, but if you lived through the 70’s, really experienced that decade’s particular insanity, I think you’re gonna like all the dated 70’s references even more...

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