Here’s an example of a film I saw a while ago and in the meantime, so many people disagreed with me on it that I tried it again. Yes, that’s right. The Goddess can be swayed. Watched it again. Had the same reaction this time.

American Splendor bugs the shit out of me. It doesn’t mean to, surely, and meanwhile it has made friends with countless admirers. So if you love this movie and tear up just thinking about it, don’t write to me.

Why does it bug me? Granted, it is a very creative effort and the film making techniques are fresh and fun. Performances good... Let’s see. Why does it bug me? I’m going to have to resort to some rather unscientific explanations here but I made myself a promise that I would always tell you my truth and not the party line, no matter how bizarre the reasons and/or explanations, so here goes.

1. You know how, when you go to someone’s hou

2. Harvey Picar, the anti-hero of this story would be the guy in my school class that would be the only guy I wouldn’t want to know - any school, any year. Just one drecky, irritating guy.

3. The last comic book I read all the way through was The Archies in junior high. Harvey might be an Everyman to some, but my tastes run more with Betty.

4. This neuroses-is-fun craze is lost on me. If Jason Alexander’s character in Seinfeld is the guy you’d most like to have lunch with, you will like this move. Maybe even love it.

That makes one of us.

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