Since the Goddess’ short term memory these days resembles nothing so much as a primordial sieve, there is no telling whether films will stay with her or not (wow. that felt third person intense to write ‘her’).

But I’ll tell you this much. If any film is sticking in my mental swampville these days, it’ll be competing for space with American Dream.

You know I’m a lover of the docs. But to love documentaries is to love them even if they only get halfway to first base, just by taking a cool route that far. This one is a home run.

American Dream follows the story of the independent union strike in a Minnesota Hormel packing plant in the 80’s. This story is documentary liquid gold. To follow it is to see every side of unions and strikes and corporate aplot; hopefully walking away the less judgmental and the wiser.

This is grand documentary reporting, nothing spared or missed, up close and personal, emotional, compassionate - and timely as it covers one of our country’s most serious business quagmires and one that no one has found any answers to yet.

I would recommend this documentary to anyone and why not with a group, if you feel like it. You’ll be itching to have a discussion when it’s through. Mr. Goddess and I talked each other’s ears off.

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