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I’ve seen several films with Audrey Tautou in them this year and have been disappointed. But surely part of the reason is that Amelie, this film right here, is an almost impossible act to follow! For this lovely actress with this phenomenal face, this part could have been painted on her, it’s so perfect.

Amelie is easily one of my top all time votes for foreign films for the foreign film challenged. Sure the subtitles are there but the French charm is also there, in the highest doses available. Amelie is more than a good film, it is that most illusive of styles - the magical film.

Many people try to make the magical film. Try is the word to watch

In fact, if you like romances, sweetness and magic, you can do no better than Amelie. It was one of film little classics from the second it hit the screen. Absolutely amazingly delightful script, direction that didn’t ruin aforementioned amazing script, wonderful characters played by wonderful actors.

If most of these people are actors and not just people off the street, they are particularly good (and with some of the most unusual ones, God knows how much of an ongoing career they’d be able to have). All the performances are played with verve, yet not mugged or overplayed in the l

And then. You have Audrey and that amazing face. Timeless, romantic, purer than the driven snow, filled with genuine wonder and yet real in some way after all of that. Those who have seen Amelie will never forget that face.

I could go on and on, but this is a genuine classic. If you want something sweet, great and French - well honestly, I’d suggest an eclair, but after that, rent this!

Additional Note: I decided, upon watching this again, that almost every single scene has something refreshing and unrehashed in it. Having said that, the sweet thing Amelie does for her father with his gnome (I know, it sounds bad, but isn’t) is probably the sweetest, most original good deed I’ve ever seen. Whet your appetite? It should. It’s great.

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