I will freely admit it. I am a fan of Frankie Muniz and I am a fan of the Cody Banks’ movies. They’re well-made and highly imaginative, they aren’t insulting to little kids and they bring you back to your childhood. How much more could you ask from a series like this?

There is a special reason to pull Cody Banks out of the heap of kids movies. The first whole sequence of this film centers around an espionage camp for kid agents that their parents think is regular summer camp. This means that, after hours of CIA work with weapons, surveillance equipment, etc., they have to tear down the camp and rebuild a actual kiddies summer camp - for the dreaded Parents Day!

C’mon. How great is that?! I like Cody Banks. The films are always a good time and let’s face it. If you have to watch a film with your kid, Frankie is a whole lot easier to stomach for an adult that, say, Hilary Duff. You hearing me? I rest my case.

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