Okay, I’ll admit it. Every one of us has some guilty pleasures, film-wise, and movies like After the Sunset are mine. Caper movies that feature beautiful smart thieves (preferably jewel thieves, like these!), great locales, gorgeous bodies, usually a couple of bitching boats, sex all over the damn thing - panning shots starting from a woman’s butt... Sex and diamonds - something for everybody!

Pierce Brosnan has had an interesting film career so far. He became James Bond and got personally rich. He then consciously steered his career and became a much richer, James Bond-type. He went Thomas Crown on our ass and I, for one, am all for it. I think he may end up being brilliant - cuz it’s the only thing I really want to see him in and there’s bound to be more fans where I came from.

He has done this same role, more or less, in about five things and I’ve liked them all (okay, I didn’t love

On the female side of things... I have described Angelina Jolie as the sole determinant of the male sexual litmus test; to decide men’s sexual preference. If they aren’t attracted to her, they’re gay. Simple as that. Well, I think that we have to add Salma Hayek.

Good God, is this woman ever pretty! When she dropped trou for Pierce and preened in a bra and panties on the bed for him, I started to laugh! She is just so ridiculously pretty! It surprised me watching her here to think of how seldom she has been a straight romantic le

Woody Harrelson is used to good advantage in After the Sunset as well. Haven’t seen as much of Woody recently and the absence has done him good. Here, he seems a much more confident actor - sexy, funny and a little smarter! He’s playing a little dumb here. He used to just be dumb. That’s an improvement from where I sit.

Then we get Don Cheadle thrown in for good measure! Too good.

Ultimately, there are always going to be truck-sized holes in a script like this, but who cares? The rapport between the three leads is enough to guide you in and the pace will hold you all the way through. Funny, smart and likable -

Watching this film isn’t going to feel like a big meal. It’s more like dessert. After the Sunset is like gorging on whipped cream. And who doesn’t want to do that from time to time?! I had big fun here.

Additional Note: Having a date over for a video? This is a great date movie.

Additional Additional Note: It must be said of Pierce Brosnan that his presence in a movie insures that it will be entertaining. His sense of giving people what they want with regards to himself personally clearly extends to the same sense in him as a producer/movie maker. That is no small feat in show business and Brosnan fairly consistently delivers a product that equals a fun time. Bravo.

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