My fabulous friend Harley alerted the Goddess to the fact that the same guys who did the most critically acclaimed film of the year, Side Ways, did About Schmidt. I soaked in that information (since the Goddess does no research, feeling that it might interfere with the purity of her thoughts proceeding straight to yours, she is keen for and welcomes any free tips!), but it was falling in ripe ears, as I was scheduled to review About Schmidt tonight.

I haven’t seen About Schmidt since I saw it in the theatres and I liked it even better this time. You know, the more you engage in anything, the more you can recognize what’s on the top of the heap. That certainly holds true here. The more films you see, the more you’re gonna like About Schmidt each time. It’s just that good.

First of all, you have His Deserved Majesty of Filmdom, Jack Nicholson. Now, at first glance, this part mig

Ah, but the joy is - only then do you see Jack rise to his still-rising acting powers. When the basic stuff is nailed, he begins to show us the nuances he is capable of.

I believe Jack’s greatest parts are still ahead of him. I like him more in every single film these days and his maturation’s self-awareness has lifted his acting more and more. There isn’t one moment in this film where he’s on autopilot. The acting icon of our age has become a damned good actor and becomes, in films like About Schmidt, more of a pure joy to watch.

This script is equal parts unique and moving. Think how seldom that happens. Every scene here is of a unique, vein-

You got more than value for your entertainment dollar right there, but then you go and add the luxurious and luminous Ms. Kathy Bates. As underused in films as she is brilliant, she shines through anything and everything she appears in. In something as densely rich as this is, she is yet one more wonderful course to be served up.

I have been critical in the past of some auteur/writer/director films that lack the explosive performances needed to truly advance the unique concept presented. About Schmidt has it all; all the dominoes in place. A perfect marriage of film and actor. Well worth a second viewing.

Additional Note: I am always talking about sense of place. Notice how every frame of this film enhances the sense of place, mood, environment and hence context.

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