(from snapshots issue)

At first glance, A Rape in a Small Town seems to just be just another salacious topic perfect for a documentary. An older woman is raped by an unknown perpetrator and struggles for justice in a small town.

That’s all it would be, too, if not for Florence, the woman the whole thing is about. She is so amazingly brave and so forthright and so well-spoken that this becomes a documentary about more than the convoluted justice system. Oh, that’s there too, as there always is. But this dignified, amazing woman immediately decides, after being brutalized, that this kind of thing is completely unacceptable. She talks to press and she faces this man in court and she does everything in her power and she flat out changes the law. Bravo to her.

A powerful and overwhelming documented story. Once again I say, here’s your reality programming. Survivor? Give me a break.

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