What can I tell you about A Man Apart that you don’t already pretty much know from the poster and your common sense? The formula hero-loses-everything-and-takes-heapum-revenge sort of fare. Yes, formulaic, but entertaining. Glad I saw it. Pretty much instantly forgot it.

There are better. There are worse.

But I still believe in Vin Diesel. There is something very unique and special about this guy. The camera loves him and I can’t really think of anyone he resembles that he doesn’t improve on. He’s a true man’s man (Mr. G thought he’d hate him, the

So he is the holdout to the mediocre here. He is deeply street, deeply unusual, unique and special. One prays that he has or soon acquires agents and handlers that are halfway as unique and special as talents as he is. With films like A Man Apart, he could quickly become yesterday’s news and that would be a shame.

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