I quite liked A Home at the End of the World, though I’m at pains to accurately tell you why.

Well, that’s not completely true. This is actually a great example of a script through line not being all that stellar, but scene work saving the day. In other words, A Home At The End Of The World is a great book that truly lives on film due the respectfully translated details.

Every scene here feels fresh. I marveled at the utter uniqueness and slant of each scene, showing me moments I’ve seen before, but now with fresh eyes. The story didn’t completely hold me, but the characters and scenes did.

Before I go further, I must commend this movie on casting eerily perfect younger counterparts to the star

A Home At The End Of The World isn’t about anything huge - simply the story of two best friends and the path of their lives over a 20-year period - and it seems proud of it. Content to nail each slice of life within, the actors feel very united and confident in their approach to this material and all of the above point to good and solid direction.

Funnily enough, the more sudsy the plot gets, the more interesting and courageous the performances get. This is, without a single doubt, my favorite Colin Farrell role. He is beside himself, in every sense of the word. He plays a character more vulnerable, more loving, more needy and less bright than he’s ever played before and he wore it well. He basically sFarrell fan, you should not miss this one.

Dallas Roberts (hunky young actor, not the weather guy in LA!) and Robin Wright Penn do lovely jobs as well. And then, as if this movie isn’t special enough, it includes a featured performance by Sissy Spacek, which is roughly the film equivalent of being kissed by God as far as I can tell. Sissy is, of course, brilliant. If that isn’t the most redundant statement in recent film history!

Hmmm. Home at the End of the World is a hard movie to sum up, to its credit. I’ve said it all. Lovely and literate script, unique scenes, wonderful performances, very sure-handed direction - very sudsy overall plot. I would recommend it to those of you it sounds good to.

Vague enough?

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