Before I regale you, my precious multitudes, with tales of 40 Days and 40 Nights, I feel it my duty to warn you that I may be operating with a bit of a handicap going into this.

You see, I have failed to catch the Josh Hartnett mojo.

He just seems kinda so overwhelmingly aw-shucks, I’s-just-a-boy-from-down-home type. That’s all well and good, but it makes him sort of unbelievable in everything he plays. Now I know he’s been good in a couple of war flicks, where his innocence is a great contrast to stuff blowing up in the distance.

But in this plot? He’s supposed to be a guy who goes without sex for 40 days, but he is in pain just trying to stop thinking about it? He looks a little sheepish even saying the word! Using this guy for

Lest I only bag on Mr. Hartnett, the premise was a little hard to cheer for. It’s hard to understand why he’s giving up sex in the first place and that makes the rest of the film hard to cheer for.

Then you have to mention the women portrayed here. You know the ones, that only exist in Hollywood movies? Mindless, manipulative bimbos that live just to mess with men. Women who xerox their asses to be titillating? Okay, maybe you know some of those women. I don’t. They’re not in my phone book.

All in all, if you find Josh delightful, then you should rent this. If you don’t, rent a Cary Grant movie and have some fun.

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