(from sucky movie marathon issue)

Okay, about now two things might be happening. 1) I might have lost track of who I am and 2) whoever I am might be giving this film a little too much credit.

But 2 Fast, 2 Furious a urban auto racing film. It has as serviceable a plot as any I’ve seen today. The racing footage is exciting (excitement being a rare commodity up in here!), the characters aren’t ones you’ve seen some version of three times this week already and ... it has Tyrese.

Ooo, if this guy ain’t an oasis in the desert right about now! He has some guns in those no-sleeve shirts! I’m having hallucinations but this time they’re happy ones!

Tyrese and Paul Walker work well together. Both are ridiculously easy on the eyes. I realize that neither actor will probably be moonlighting as Hamlet on the London stage any time soon, but they’re fitting this bill. Did I mention Tyrese’s guns?

Miss Thing, Eva Mendes, is absolutely luscious. She and Rosario Dawson are more than adequately servicing this generation’s Raquel Welch needs. Even the Bad Guy here is cool and unique.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s a ton of stuff to pick at in this film, but at least it worked. In this bunch, that’s really saying something.

Is anything in this plot remotely plausible? Not one thing. But it sure was fun.

Additional Note: If you haven’t seen the first film that this sequels and you think it sounds interesting, I suggest renting the first one first. This one is fun but the first one is even better.

Sleepiness, inertia and the thought of braving a new film without Tyrese’s guns in it is too much for me to bear. At five films viewed out of seven, I’m calling it a night.

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