13 GOING ON 30

You know what? If you’re a person who isn’t that fond of surprises, you are gonna love this movie! Here is a film that is pretty darned accurately summed up by the trailer. Heck, by the poster! What you see is pretty much exactly what you get.

Those half a dozen exceptional lines found in some routine comedies? They aren’t here. In fact, 13 Going on 30 is a movie that could probably have been made just as well by publicists or high level film students as it could by filmmakers. It’s just that high concept.

Surprisingly, that doesn’t make this a terrible rental. It’s pleasant enough. It’s the first time in a dozen films that Mark Ruffalo has played a character I remotely cared about. There’s that!... Jennifer Garner isn’t splendiferous in this role. But her ‘okay’ is still pretty great. She’s way easy on the eyes and has an attractive, infectious spirit.

The concept is good. 13-year old girl suddenly becomes 30. Big was much better (same plot). Sorry, but the Goddess is a gal with a keen grasp for the obvious, so I have to call it the way we see it.

You know, I’ve heard it told that many people rent videos to fall asleep to. They may not mean to do it that way, but that’s the way it usually ends up happening for them. If Mr. Goddess is any indication, that subset DOES exist. And if that’s you, you might want something pleasant, life-affirming and refreshingly free of asking anything of you mentally; so you can fall asleep cleanly, with a smile on your face and nothing on your mind.

If you belong to the above group, rent this one. You won’t last the whole way, but you’ll fall asleep with a smile on your face!

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